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Friday Breakout Sessions—Round D

Friday afternoon, two rounds of two-hour sessions feature the work of teachers, sites, programs, and initiatives of the National Writing Project.

While preregistration for all sessions is required, limited space may be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Round D Sessions


D1 Inquiries into Digital Writing: The NWP "Digital Is" Website
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom A
What does it mean for writing to be digital? The new NWP Digital Is website, by supporting the creation, dissemination, and discussion of digital resources about inquiry and practice, allows sites to develop their conversation around this question. More ›

D2 Writing Vignettes to Capture Scenes from Our Lives as Teachers and Leaders
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom B
In this interactive workshop you will learn about how the vignette-writing process can provide a framework for teachers’ professional writing. More ›

D3 E-Facilitators Make the E-Anthology
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom C
The E-Anthology has become the user-friendly writing platform and thanks to the efforts of many people working in a variety of capacities, but its success ultimately rests with the E-Facilitators at the local invitational summer institutes. More ›

D4 The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom D
Workshop participants will learn about how one Writing Project site and its host have contributed to the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN) and will consider ways in which their sites, schools, and universities can take part in DALN's efforts to compile a rich repository of literacy narratives. More ›

D5 What TCs Learned from Migrant Ed. Students; What Migrant Ed. Students Learned from TCs
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom E
In this interactive session we will tell the inspiring story of ten teacher-consultants who came together to examine the writing of migrant education students, as well as their attitudes and beliefs related to the writing process, particularly the role of revision. More ›

D6 Courageous Conversations: Meeting Needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Rural Classrooms
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom F
In this session we will engage in courageous conversations, exploring meaningful ways in which rural school districts can respond to emergent groups of ELL students and looking at how our Writing Project sites can promote academic parity. More ›

D10 Rethinking Academic Literacy, African American Vernacular English, and English Learners in Urban Classrooms
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom K
This session will engage participants in small-group interactive discussions and exchanges of ideas and practices with teacher-consultants from three urban Writing Project sites who have successfully created classroom spaces that affirm and make use of the home tongues of English language learners and the language of students who use the often-disputed African American Vernacular English (AAVE). More ›

D11 Examining Content Area Reading and Writing
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom L
Teachers who participated in Third Space, a content area teachers’ online teacher inquiry community, will share examples of assignments and student work developed by thinking about the intersections of content area learning, reading and writing, and students' out-of-school literacies. More ›

D12 A Dilemma of Rural Students: Learning to Leave
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom M
Participants will read and discuss excerpts from Learning to Leave by Michael Corbett and from Belonging: A Culture of Place by bell hooks. More ›

D13 Learning Together: A Conversation About the National Writing Project
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom N
Join Executive Director Sharon J. Washington for an informal discussion about the National Writing Project. More ›

D14 Getting the Attention of Partners and Stakeholders
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom P
Site and network leaders will share how they got the attention of key partners in their state department of education or regional service center and negotiated a plan and the funding for local or statewide professional development programs. More ›

D15 Building and Strengthening University-Site Relations
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom Q
In this interactive session, leaders from two sites will share the strategies they have found useful and the resources they have developed to strengthen their sites' relationship with their host universities. More ›

D17 Learn About NWP's New Social Networking Platform GoingOn
Contemporary, Main Level, Nutcracker Ballroom 2
NWP has developed a new social networking and social media space, GoingOn, connected to our website. More ›

D18 Special-Focus Networks Minigrant Sparks and Poster Session
Contemporary, Main Level, Nutcracker Ballroom 3
Sparks, or Ignite-style presentations, provide 5-minute-long glimpses into site work with time for whole-group questions and conversation. Presenters at this session will share site-based projects that were developed through special-focus network minigrant funds. More ›

D19 Writing in the Invitational Summer Institute
Contemporary, Main Level, Pastoral 1
In this interactive session, NWP site leaders will share the theories that inform the practice of writing in their invitational summer institutes. More ›

D20 Learning About the Teaching of Writing to Special Education Students
Contemporary, Second Level, Ballroom of the Americas A
Participants in this session will have the opportunity to read research on the teaching of writing to special-needs students, unpack some of the issues confronting the students and their teachers, and examine some of the effective teaching strategies recommended to support the writing development of these students. More ›

D21 The Continued Funding Application and the Annual Review Process
Contemporary, Second Level, Grand Republic C
We will share ideas and strategies for writing the CFA and hear first-hand from a reviewer about what reviewers look for as they read, study, and respond to the complete set of application materials, including the Site Profile. More ›

D22 Professional Writing Retreats: Duplicating the National Model at the Local Level
Contemporary, Second Level, Grand Republic D
Join the co-coordinators of the NWP Professional Writing Retreat in an interactive workshop designed to help site leaders think through the possibilities and challenges of creating writing retreats at the local level. More ›

D23 Using Talk, Literature, and Place-Based Poetry for Writing Development in Early Childhood Classrooms
Contemporary, Second Level, Atlantic A
This workshop spotlights two teacher-consultants from different regions of the country who are using focused talk, children’s literature, and place-based poetry to strengthen the literacy development of young writers. More ›

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