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Thursday Breakout Sessions: Round B

One morning round and two afternoon rounds of sessions are offered by site leaders and teacher-consultants from NWP’s special-focus networks, initiatives, and programs.

While preregistration for all sessions is required, limited space may be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Round B Breakout Sessions: 1:00 pm–3:00 pm

B1 Making Practice Visible in Inquiry Using DIVER
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom A
Are you looking for new ways to capture your work in order to inquire into it? More ›

B2 Teacher Activism and the Antihomophobic Classroom
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom B
Share your resources, successes, and challenges and learn what others are doing to make the classroom a place where homophobia is addressed openly and strategically. More ›

B3 More Than Assessment: Our Analytic Writing Continuum at Work for Sites
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom C
NWP's Analytic Writing Continuum (AWC) can be a centerpiece for classroom inquiry and professional development. In this session, you will interact with site leaders/teachers who have used the AWC as a basis for analyzing and learning about student writing. More ›

B4 Study the History of Your Site or State Network
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom D
Using the tools and protocols of the NWP Early History Study, we will invite participants to design a study of their own site or their state network. More ›

B5 Integrating Professional Development and Student Learning
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom E
Participants in this workshop will learn how one site developed an open institute that fostered learning partnerships between teachers and ELL students. More ›

B6 Reading the Research: A Taste of Ernest Morrell's Work—Linking Literacy and Popular Culture
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom F
This Reading the Research session will examine a chapter from Ernest Morrell's book Linking Literacy and Popular Culture. More ›

B7 Sustained Professional Development for Community College Faculty
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom G
This session examines the benefits of Writing Project sites’ investments in sustained professional development with community college faculty. More ›

B8 Inservice and School Partnerships Through Year-Round Programs
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom H
Session facilitators and participants will look at avenues for engaging and sustaining teacher-leaders and school partnerships within their local context. More ›

B9 Building Video Games for and in the Classroom
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom J
This session, which builds on the lunchtime presentation "Games for Education and Social Impact," will introduce specific platforms that help students and teachers alike make games to support learning in the classroom. More ›

B10 Student Publishing: Students Writing for Real Audiences
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom K
In this session we'll investigate three teacher-consultants' work with student publishing and explore how such experience might be developed at Writing Project sites. More ›

B11 Site Leaders and School Administrators Collaborating to Develop Inservice
Contemporary, Second Level, Grand Republic C
This interactive session will consider how site leaders work with administrators to design and deliver professional development that meets the needs of students, teachers, schools, and districts. More ›

B12 Putting the “Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing” into Action
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom L&M
This session updates participants on the collaborative statement from the National Writing Project, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the Writing Program Administrators titled "Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing." More ›

B13 Leading and Learning Together: Site Leadership Teams Planning and Designing the Work of the Site
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom N
In this interactive session, participants will experience examples of team approaches to support leadership teams as they envision and plan for the work of the site. More ›

B14 Nurturing Our Newest Colleagues: Exploring Site Work with New and Preservice Teachers
Contemporary, Mail Level, Fantasia Ballroom P&Q
Join us in exploring the work of four Writing Project sites that have worked with new and/or preservice teachers. More ›

B16 Keeping It Relevant: Reimagining Inservice to Meet Site and Service Area Needs
Contemporary, Main Level, Nutcracker Ballroom 1
This interactive workshop explores how Writing Project sites adapt to the constantly changing educational landscape. More ›

B17 Exploring Digital Portfolios and Digital Literacy in the Invitational Summer Institute
Contemporary, Main Level, Nutcracker Ballroom 2
In this interactive session, site leaders will share their work with a variety of digital literacies—including multigenre, multimodal digital portfolios and social networking platforms—and invite participants to explore implications and opportunities for the year-round work at their local sites. More ›

B18 Special-Focus Networks Minigrants: Accessing Supplemental Funding to Grow Your Site Strategically
Contemporary, Main Level, Nutcracker Ballroom 3
Have you and others at your site been thinking about obtaining supplemental funding as an opportunity to grow your site? More ›

B20 Partnerships: Sustaining Long-Term Work with Schools
Contemporary, Second Level, Pacific
Many NWP sites are developing long-term partnerships with schools, resulting in stronger impact for teacher-centered professional development. More ›

B22 Transitional Conversations: Connecting Writing in High School and College
Contemporary, Second Level, Grand Republic D
Teachers in high schools, community colleges, and universities need opportunities for conversation about teaching writing across these transitional years in students' lives. More ›

B23 A Passion for Reading and Staying Connected
Contemporary, Second Level, Atlantic A
Invitational summer institutes are wonderful opportunities to read together and build social relationships. The NWP Book Group Ning is an exciting online resource for extending both the recreational and professional reading that take place in the invitational summer institutes. More ›

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