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Thursday Breakout Sessions: Round C

One morning round and two afternoon rounds of sessions are offered by site leaders and teacher-consultants from NWP’s special-focus networks, initiatives, and programs.

While preregistration for all sessions is required, limited space may be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Round C Breakout Sessions: 3:30–5:30 pm

C1 Small Moments: Supporting Language and Critical Thinking Development Through Digital Stories
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom A
This workshop will explore narrative composed primarily by fourth grade English language learners in an urban school environment. Participants will experience and respond to the students' narratives, designing ways that their own Writing Project site can support teachers who wish to engage in similar work. More ›

C2 Scaling Up Inservice to Serve a City
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom B
Site leaders will explore ways to grow a citywide presence, including an embedded writing coach model, a collaborative summer institute, and a workshop series featuring teacher-consultants, site leaders, and published authors. More ›

C3 Reading the Research: In Living Conversation
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom C
After reading two short chapters of a forthcoming book by longtime practitioner-researcher Bob Fecho, participants will use a jigsaw activity to focus discussion on what it means to bring a dialogical perspective to classroom practice. More ›

C4 K–12 Writing Centers: Transforming Students, Schools, and Sites
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom D
Join teacher-consultants and other site leaders from urban, suburban and rural districts in an engaging exploration and exchange of triumphs, challenges, models, and resources found in student-led writing centers, which have been known to transform the writing lives of the students who use them and the tutors who work in them, the writing culture of the schools that have them, and the capacities of NWP sites that recognize the power in them. More ›

C5 Raising Voices Silenced by History: Using Primary Source Documents
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom E
This workshop will engage participants in the use of primary source documents (such as historic photographs and eyewitness accounts) to revisit the history of the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, construct persuasive essays about reparations to victims and survivors, and develop a framework for classroom inquiry into the implications of "omissions" from traditional textbooks. Teachers and inservice coordinators will find this session beneficial. More ›

C6 Leadership Transitions: Making Your Way as a New Site Director
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom F
This interactive session, facilitated by leaders from two sites that have recently undergone leadership transitions, will engage participants in reading, writing, and discussion to explore the work of leading an NWP site and the challenges and opportunities that new directors face as they take over the leadership of existing NWP sites. More ›

C7 Building Capacity for Survivance: Writing Project Sites Support Indian Education
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom G
Participants will explore the tangled place of writing in the histories of Native American peoples and the contemporary potential for writing to be the medium for dialogue between Native and non-Native cultures. More ›

C8 Improving and Assessing Students’ Analytical Writing
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom H
For a decade, teachers in the California Writing Project’s statewide program, Improving Students’ Analytical Writing, have studied how to improve the teaching and learning of analytical writing. We will share lessons learned, instructional resources, and a powerful assessment tool—the ISAW Analytical Writing Improvement Continuum. More ›

C9 Unique Youth Writing Programs for Diverse Populations
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom J
Come share ideas for youth writing programs with four dynamic teachers who carved out time and methods for creating writing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. More ›

C11 Rural Voices and a Critical Consciousness of Place
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom L&M
Participants will consider issues of critical literacy—the ability to question and actively analyze texts—and how these issues relate to our students, our teaching practice, our rural school communities, and the Writing Project sites that serve them. More ›

C13 Digital Writing and Assessment: Pushing the Boundaries of How We Talk About Text
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom N
Led by members of the Multimodal Assessment Project, this session invites us to explore how our common ways of talking about what we value, as expressed in common writing rubrics and frameworks, extend to the new digital composition projects that we increasingly bring into our writing classrooms. More ›

C14 Visual Literacies
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom P
What skills are necessary for 21st-century students to succeed? How can arts-integrated study support learning in a digital, multimodal world? More ›

C15 Harry Potter's Lessons for Making the Most of Your University Partnership
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom Q
In this interactive session, two associate deans will adapt lessons from the Harry Potter books for Writing Project sites to use to guide their relationship with their host university. More ›

C16 Prompting for Meaningful Student Writing
Contemporary, Second Level, Ballroom of the Americas B
Good writing prompts—whether for timed writing or for carefully scaffolded writing—significantly affect the quality of student writing. We will discuss ideas for creating effective writing invitations for various purposes. More ›

C19 Preparing New Leaders for Inservice—Starting in the Invitational Summer Institute
Contemporary, Main Level, Fantasia Ballroom K
Participants will consider the ways readings, discussions, demonstration coaching, study groups, and a spring conference connect new fellows to the Writing Project and build pathways to inservice work while the Summer Institute is taking place. More ›

C20 Web 3.0: Providing Writing Project Access Across Geographic Boundaries
Contemporary, Second Level, Pacific
Participants will examine solutions that provide Writing Project access and programs to rural teachers when participation is hampered by geographic barriers. More ›

C21 Site Sustainability: Exploring Issues and Approaches
Contemporary, Second Level, Grand Republic C
This workshop will provide time for site directors and principal investigators of the NWP site grant to engage in collaborative inquiry into the current business challenges facing their sites. More ›

C22 Using Site Profile Data for Strategic Planning and Inquiry
Contemporary, Second Level, Grand Republic D
Join a group of colleagues in thinking about how to use site data to support reflection on current practice, develop leadership, and inform your site's work. More ›

C23 Taking Gaming to the Next Level
Contemporary, Second Level, Atlantic A
Learn more about the new literacies of game play in this session, including game "modding" (modifying) and game design. More ›

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