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Connect Online at the 2017 NWP Annual Meeting

We invite you to publish and share your blog posts, tweets, photos, movies, and other online resources that are relevant to this year's NWP Annual Meeting using the hashtag #nwpam17.

Tag the Annual Meeting

To make sure that your content is accessible to all Writing Project colleagues, be sure to add the official meeting tag to your content: #nwpam17.

Tags—key words that you assign to content—are used in most social networking and online publishing tools as a way to help people find content, connect with others who have similar interests, and enable collaboration.

Here are specific ways to use the #nwpam17 tag to share and find content related to the Annual Meeting.


Blog the Meeting

If you are blogging the conference, tag your post #nwpam17 so that it will show up on a Google Blog search. .


Tweet the Meeting

During the conference, you can use Twitter to provide short snippets with your thoughts on workshops and sessions. Add the hashtag #nwpam17 inline to your post so that all posts will be grouped on nwpam17 tweets . Also, if you are a Twitter user, then follow us !


Join the Discussion

Join our Facebook Group , an informal space for networking, sharing resources, and engaging in ongoing conversations. It's a great place to swap perspectives with colleagues before, during, and after the meeting.


Share Conference Photos

Share your photos on Instagram and include #nwpam17. While you're at it, follow our new Instagram account !

You can also post your photos on Flickr using the #nwpam17 hashtag. After the meeting, browse photos tagged nwpam17 .


Film the Meeting

NWP will post videos of plenary presenters as we do each year, but we want to see your videos as well. Tag them on YouTube with #nwpam17 so that they will be easy to find after the meeting via a YouTube search on nwpam17 .


Share Slides and PDFs

If you have a relevant PowerPoint presentation or PDF to share, post it on Slideshare and tag it #nwpam17. After the meeting, browse the nwpam17 presentations .

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