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Critical Literacy and Our Students' Lives—An Educator Innovator CLTV Episode

December 5, 2017

Join Linda Christensen for a conversation with fellow educators Andrea Zellner and Kevin Hodgson about her recent article, "Critical Literacy in Our Students' Lives," in which they discuss bringing students' own experiences, talents, and social contexts to the fore in the classroom. They are joined by the co-founders of Marginal Syllabus, Remi Kalir and Joe Dillon, for a discussion of the text, which is the featured article this month for Writing Our Civic Futures, an exploration of scholarship on civic engagement and web annotation project at Educator Innovator.

During the broadcast, the conversation will also take place on Twitter using the hashtag #connectedlearning  and #marginalsyllabus


Guests for this episode include:
  • Linda Christensen (host), Director of the Oregon Writing Project at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. Author of Reading, Writing, Rising Up; Teaching for Joy and Justice
  • Andrea Zellner, Literacy Consultant for Oakland Schools. Teacher Consultant, Red Cedar Writing Project
  • Kevin Hodgson, 6th grade teacher in Southampton, Massachusetts, Outreach Co-director at Western Massachusetts Writing Project
  • Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor of Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development
  • Joe Dillon, Denver Writing Project teacher-consultant and high school Instructional Coach.
Resources for this episode include:


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