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2013 E-Anthology

May 15 – September 30, 2013

The NWP E-Anthology is a social media forum that invites members of the National Writing Project Community to publish their writing and reflections and to respond to the work of colleagues. This year's E-Anthology will be hosted within the National Writing Project Google+ community .


The E-Anthology was developed with three main purposes:

  • to introduce summer institute participants to the national network of sites
  • to serve as an opportunity for online publication and response
  • to provide a collegial social media forum for Writing Project teachers.

Integrating the E-Anthology into your Invitational Summer Institute program allows fellows to participate in a collegial social media forum at the national level. It provides a venue for writing and feedback, and fosters the exchange of ideas about teaching writing.

Past participants have posted a wide variety of content: instructional resources, descriptions of their sites and institutes, comments about high-stakes testing, responses to readings, drafts of stories, original poetry, and much more.

Although this new E-Anthology platform is intended primarily for summer fellows in invitiational summer institutes to share their writing, the E-Anthology is open to all the members of the National Writing Project's community. That's right, we're all invited to post our writing, respond to others, and engage in conversations. And, of course, we encourage all those who post to also respond, especially to writing from other sites. Most of all, we invite you to have fun reading, writing, and reflecting on what it means to be a writer and a teacher who writes.

How to Participate

Are you a member of NWP's Google+ Community? If so, get ready to participate in the 2013 E-Anthology. If not, why not join now: National Writing Project Google+ Community .

In the left column of the community you'll see categories related to the E-Anthology. You may also want to tag your posts with a tag related to your site to make all posts from your site easier to find.


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