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The Role of an NWP Technology Liaison

Date: 2011

Summary: This document was written to help local site leaders think collaboratively about the role technology can play at a local Writing Project site.


The role of technology liaison is to help a Writing Project site use and integrate digital literacies and technology tools to support the teaching and learning of writing across its local and national work. A number of other site leadership roles may also include this focus.

As one of the core leaders at a Writing Project site, the technology liaison provides local leadership to the site and serves as a link between the site and national programs and initiatives related to digital literacies and their technology and its role in teaching and learning. The local role of the technology liaison is designed to reflect the needs and interests of the site: the technology liaison works as part of the site leadership team to design a plan for using technology to support the core work of the site.

The technology liaison’s role may include helping a site plan strategically as it determines its place in a digital world; providing support for local institutes and inservice programs, supporting online communication, acting as a liaison between the Technology Liaisons Network and local site work, facilitating the work of site technology teams, and working with teacher-consultants to develop effective ways in which technology can support the teaching and learning of writing.

The Technology Liaisons Network (TLN), one of five special-focus networks, provides as part of its core mission specific programs for technology liaisons and associated technology teams at local sites. These offerings include the TLN coordinated sessions at the NWP Annual Meeting. The TLN also provides a discussion forum in which technology liaisons may communicate with the nearly 200 other TLs from local Writing Project sites across the country.

Funding for the technology liaisons is part of the NWP Application for Continued Funding and should include funds for the technology liaison’s travel and expenses for the Annual Meeting.

What are the national obligations of technology liaisons and Writing Project sites?

Funding for the technology liaison is included in a site’s core budget. It is expected that every site will designate a technology liaison as a member of its leadership structure, in order to ensure that the site develops a technology program that supports its core work and the teaching and learning of writing. The national duties of the technology liaison include the following:

  1. Communicating regularly online with the Technology Liaisons Network leadership team members and other technology liaisons.
  2. Attending the NWP Annual Meeting.
  3. Supporting site leadership in assessing the site’s technology needs and reporting how technology supports its core work in the site’s Application for Continued Funding.
  4. Providing a link between the Technology Liaisons Network and the Writing Project site that supports the site’s relationship with national technology initiatives. Site leaders should plan for ongoing communication with the technology liaison so that he or she can perform this role.

Typically technology liaisons receive a modest stipend to acknowledge the requirements of their national role. A technology liaison who also provides local services such as technology training, support for administrative functions, inservice programs, or development of online tools may receive an additional stipend for this work from site funds. Funding for the technology liaison should also cover attending the NWP Annual Meeting.

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