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Online Teacher-Research Resources

Date: 2002

Summary: A selection of informative, user-friendly Web sites dedicated to practitioner research compiled by the Teacher Inquiry Communities Network.


Action Research at Queen's University
Produced by Queen's University, Toronto, this wonderfully comprehensive site is valuable for teacher-researchers at all levels of experience. The site's most valuable resources are its project write-ups, which describe a variety of work in paragraph summaries or lengthier accounts, and in colloquial or more formal language, with helpful additions like illustrative charts. This site is also a gateway to several other Canadian and British sites.

The Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry
This site blends curriculum information about inquiry-based learning and science with the reflections of teacher-researchers developing new practices. Teacher Anthony Cody writes: "Our central inquiry as teachers is not into pinholes or foam, but into our own practice as educators, and into the techniques and methods which will make us effective at reaching our students."

Carnegie Foundation Gallery of Teaching and Learning
This interactive online gallery offers tools to document and disseminate teacher inquiry into practice.

Carnegie Foundation Gallery of Teaching and Learning: Collections
The Collections section of the Carnegie Foundation Gallery contains works created by the foundation's programs and their participants and partners. It includes examples of multimedia teacher inquiry projects developed by NWP teacher-consultants and other educators.

Horace, Coalition of Essential Schools
Documents and resources for teachers who would like to link their research efforts to larger programs of school reform can be found through Horace, the newsletter of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES). Look for articles by teacher-researchers in CES schools as well as tips on using school data to understand equity and achievement at the school level.

Looking at Student Work 
Several organizations that foster approaches to reviewing and understanding student work as a basis for curriculum and school improvement have worked together to develop this site where teachers can learn about protocols and tools teachers have found effective for work study.

Project Zero Rounds
Project Zero's on-site learning opportunities include summer institutes and monthly "rounds," led on the first Saturday of each month from September through May by Project Zero Director Steve Seidel. At each session, a participating teacher presents a project he or she has done with students in her classroom, featuring some of the work that students produced, and other artifacts of their work. If you plan to be in the Boston area, contact Project Zero to RSVP.

The Prospect Center
A wide-ranging network of people interested in schools, learning and works, the prospect center is committed to observation and description as the grounds for teaching and inquiry. Prospect developed descriptive group processes with which to respectfully study children's activities and works.

Research about Teaching and Learning  
Indiana University South Bend maintains this site, which contains easily accessible hot-button topics for beginning teacher-researchers, such as "Solutions to Problems Doing Research on Teaching," and "Ethical Issues in Research."

Study Circles Resource Center
Study Circles Resource Center is dedicated to finding ways for all kinds of people to engage in dialogue and problem solving on critical social and political issues. This site includes profiles of community, student, and other groups using structured dialogue around a shared focus, along with guides and evaluations of study circle initiatives.

Teacher Inquiry and Literacy Research Resources
This site for the Rhode Island Adult Education Teacher Inquiry Project has a robust list of links to Web resources on teacher inquiry.

Teacher-As-Researcher, ERIC Digests
What is action research? What is the purpose of teacher action research? ERIC, the Department of Education's Educational Resources Information Center, answers these questions and others about teacher research on one of their digests, which features a list of book-length resources to consult at the end.

Teacher Research, George Mason University
This site, which is maintained by George Mason University, lists resources and background information for teachers interested in using research practices in their classrooms. 

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