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Aiken Writing Project Opens Doors for Teachers

Publication: The Aiken Standard
Date: June 25, 2008

Summary: Teachers at the Aiken Writing Project in South Carolina are finding that the summer institute is showing them how to be "more inclusive and authentic in the teaching of writing."


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Francesca Pataro and Zeke Miller, both Aiken High School English teachers, called the writing program the best professional development opportunity they've experienced.

"This has given me so many great ideas to be more inclusive and authentic in the teaching of writing," said Pataro. "I want to connect the kids to a larger world - not only to their life experiences but experiences they can share globally."

Copyright © 2008 Aiken Standard. Reprinted by permission.
Novit, Rob. 2008. "Project Opens Doors for Teachers." Aiken Standard. June 25.

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