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Lack of Correct Grammar Needs Our Full Attention

Publication: El Paso Times
Date: July 27, 2008

Summary: Ana Diaz, a high school English language arts teacher and a teacher-consultant for the West Texas Writing Project, says bilingual Americans have added pressure to use correct grammar.


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Here in our area, we have many success stories of people who have struggled and overcome great difficulties in an attempt to live the American dream. Sometimes we see those grammatically incorrect signs over family-owned businesses and think that just because El Paso is a border town with many of the inhabitants being bilingual, it is quite all right if the English we display isn't perfect.

Copyright © 2008 El Paso Times, a MediaNews Group Newspaper. Reprinted with permission.
Diaz, Ana C. 2008. "Lack of correct grammar needs our full attention." El Paso Times. July 27.

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