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Thinking Strategically About Your Site’s Web Presence

Date: April 2009

Summary: In considering how to design a Web presence for your site, you'll find here a variety of resources, including case studies that outline the process undertaken by a number of writing project sites. The case studies include a multimedia presentation from the Western Massachusetts Writing Project.


In today's connected world, many writing project sites are attempting to understand how best to represent themselves, their work, and their teacher-consultants online. The resources below have been used by sites as they think strategically about their Web presences.

Multimedia Case Study

Susan Biggs, of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, chronicles her site's efforts at reimagining, and then revising, its online presence in this narrated PowerPoint presentation.

Written Case Studies

Other Resources

Digital Toolboxes

The resource primers in this collection provide a great introduction to some online technologies being used by teachers in their day-to-day practice.

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