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Digital Toolboxes

Date: April 2009

Summary: The resource primers in this collection provide a great introduction to some online technologies being used by teachers in their day-to-day practice.


Digital Toolbox: Group-Based Social Networks

April 2009
Group-based social networks like Ning are online platforms that allow teachers and writing project site leaders to create their own social networking spaces that can be focused on particular content. More ›

Digital Toolbox: Blogs

January 2009
Weblogs, or blogs, are online publishing platforms that support individuals in posting text and multimedia on the Web. This article explains how to start a blog for use in the classroom. More ›

Digital Toolbox: RSS

January 2009
RSS allows readers of blogs, wikis, and other online forums to subscribe to "feeds" in order to receive notifications of new or updated content in their RSS reader. More ›

Digital Toolbox: Wikis

December 2008
A wiki is a powerful online collaborative tool for composing and editing text, as well as an easy-to-use platform for developing a Web presence. More ›

Digital Toolbox: Google Docs

August 2008
Google Docs is a useful digital tool for composing and editing text, as it combines the features of a word processing program with the option of online collaboration, editing, and publishing. More ›

Digital Toolbox: Social Bookmarking

August 2008
Social bookmarking is a digital tool for keeping, marking, annotating, tagging, and sharing lists of favorite websites. More ›

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