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Teachers of the 2008 NWP Annual Report: Renee Webster

Publication: 2008 NWP Annual Report

Summary: Meet Renee Webster, Perry Elementary School, Perry, Michigan; co-director of the Red Cedar Writing Project.


"Digital recorders capture the smart thinking of first-graders," says Renee Webster.

Renee, a 34-year veteran teacher, wants to preserve that smart thinking. "We can replay it and show our young students in what ways they were so smart." As a result, all children become more intentional about language, and special-needs students can participate more fully.

In Renee's class, students record their book talks and their best ideas. This year they have created a documentary for graduating kindergartners. Based on their experiences and interviews with other first-graders, their documentary delivers essential tips for making the leap to first grade.

"I like using the digital voice recorder because I can listen to the podcast on the Internet," says Ryan, first grade student. "It explodes your audience. And it records everything."

Writing by Renee Webster

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