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Born Digital, But Then What?

Date: August 6, 2010

Summary: Craig Watkins, a professor at the University of Texas, says that what is really revolutionary about the technology revolution is how young people are using it to tell their stories and share their lives.



A great irony of life on the computer screen," Watkins writes in his introduction, "is the fact that we usually go online alone but often with the intent of communicating with other people. Among the teens and young adults that we talk to, time spent in front of a computer screen is rarely, if ever, considered time spent alone." Social media, Watkins asserts, is an interim mode of communication and a means to coordinate future face-to-face interactions, not a substitute for human interaction, as was argued in the past."

Acosta, Belinda. 2009. "Born Digital, But Then What?" The Austin Chronicle, November 27.  Available at

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