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New York Times Features Teacher's Oil Spill Infographic Project

Publication: The New York Times
Date: August 27, 2010

Summary: Diana Laufenberg of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia details in a New York Times blog her inquiry-driven student design project, which was first discussed on the National Writing Project-affiliated show Teachers Teaching Teachers.


Excerpt from Article

To close Infographics Week here on The Learning Network, I invited a classroom teacher (and self-described "fanatic" about the use of infographics in education) to detail a project I first heard her talk about on a National Writing Project-affiliated podcast called "Teachers Teaching Teachers."

Diana Laufenberg has been a public school social studies teacher for the last thirteen years, eight at the middle school level and five in high school. She currently works at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, which is a partnership high school between the School District of Philadelphia and The Franklin Institute. The school describes itself as an "inquiry-driven, project-based high school utilizing a 1:1 laptop program to foster 21st century learning."

This spring, Diana and her students used the Gulf oil spill as the starting point for creating infographics to tell the stories of the top ten worst man-made environmental disasters in American history.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers broadcast featuring Diana Laufenberg

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