National Writing Project

The Written Word

By: Elizabeth Rich
Date: December 21, 2010

Summary: Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook editor Elizabeth Rich interviews NWP's Director of National Programs and Site Development, focusing on the connection between the Writing Project and "differentiation," and how the philosophy of the Writing Project can help teachers individualize instruction.


Excerpt from Article

There's something about understanding writing from the inside because you're doing it yourself that helps you see what the task of writing is, that helps you figure out how, in fact, you can support and scaffold different kinds of students to do this very complex and multi-dimensional task.

...If we can harness that teacher know-how and combine it with teachers' own experience of being writers and learners themselves, we can get at the core of what it means to differentiate.

Copyright © 2008 Teacher Sourcebook. Reprinted with permission.
Teacher Sourcebook. 2008. "The Written Word." Teacher Sourcebook, Fall 2008, 1-3.

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