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Education Resolutions for 2011 Include National Writing Project

Publication: Washington Post
Date: January 5, 2011

Summary: Education professor Mike Rose, author of Why School?: Reclaiming Education for All of Us, lists his hopes for education in the new year, including an endorsement of the National Writing Project.


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The beginning of the year is the time to be hopeful, to feel the surge of possibility. So in that spirit I want to propose just over one dozen education resolutions that emerge from the troubling developments and bad, old habits of 2010. Feel free to add your own....

5) To assure that teacher professional development gets increased and thoughtful support. For this to happen, we will need at the least: a) A major shift from the last decade's punitive accountability system toward a program of growth and development. b) A rejection of typical development fare: a consultant jets in, lays down a scheme, a grid, a handful of techniques and aphorisms, then jets out. c) A replacement of said fare with ongoing, comprehensive, intellectually rich programs of the kind offered by the National Writing Project and the National Science Foundation.

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