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South Carolina Classrooms Improve Writing Through Poetry

Publication: Aiken Standard
Date: January 7, 2011

Summary: Teacher-consultants from the Aiken Writing Project invited two poets to conduct workshops at their school, getting both teachers and students excited about writing.


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While the sessions focused on poetry, "it's also about teaching kids to write across the curriculum," said East Aiken teacher Sue Gerstenberg. "The main goal is to help them become better writers."

Gerstenberg and Aiken Elementary teacher Beth Eberhard participated in the Aiken Writing Project at USCA with English professor Dr. Lynne Rhodes last summer. During the class, they met husband and wife Salinger and Holbrook [published poets] at a conference in Lexington.

"Sue and I were both inspired and wanted to share their enthusiasm and expertise with our own faculties," Eberhard said via e-mail. The poets worked with third through fifth grades at each school.

Copyright © 2011 Aiken Standard. Reprinted with permission.
Novit, Rob. 2011. "Not just rhyme time: Authors bring poetry to area classrooms" Aiken Standard , January 7.

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