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Is Internet Access a Basic Human Right?

Date: February 4, 2011

Summary: Nathalie Bernasconi, a technology liaison with the Central California Writing Project, argues in Learning & Leading with Technology that Internet access is an essential right because of the role it plays in a person's freedom of expression, democratic participation, and economic livelihood.


Excerpt from Article

Literacy is to gainful employment generally as media literacy is to 21st-century employment. Being able to navigate and collaborate in a variety of Internet environments, including social networking sites, is an essential skill for employees of the future. Try to imagine a college graduate in 2020 finding a decent job where Internet skills aren't important. Yeah, I can't either."

Copyright © 2010 International Society for Technology in Education. Reprinted with permission.
Bernasconi, Natalie, and James Maxlow. 2010. "Is Internet Access a Basic Human Right?" Learning & Leading with Technology 37 (6): 6–7.

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