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Dear President Obama: Save the National Writing Project

Publication: Huffington Post
Date: March 12, 2011

Summary: Teacher-consultant and noted blogger Heather Wolpert-Gawron states the case that the Writing Project makes a significant difference in the professional lives of thousands of teachers every year.


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You can tell a teacher is a fellow of the Writing Project from the quality of work his or her students produce. You can see it in the voice in the students' writing, in their risk-taking, in their critical-thinking, and most importantly, in their enjoyment of learning.

There is another important by-product of the summer institute as well. Many teachers during the school year never get the opportunity to work with an entire school staff of like-minded individuals, all on fire with their own learning. The institute is a faculty lounge unlike any other, giving teachers a taste of what a community of dedication and innovation feels like.

President Obama and Sec Duncan, can you not see how valuable it is to allow teachers to experience what the ideal is like? Do you not see how, if granted the experience, more and more teachers would crave, eventually demand, these standards from their own schools, if only given the chance to live it and breath it during one precious summer?

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