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Digital Literacy Mortally Wounded in Budget Battle

Publication: San Jose Mercury News
Date: March 28, 2011

Summary: The San Jose Mercury News reports that NWP's recent loss of funding will severely affect the teaching of digital literacy, which many Writing Project teachers emphasize to arm their students with "the writing skills that employers will demand."


Excerpt from Article

How many times have you heard a politician say children are our future? How much talk have you heard about the need to develop our children's 21st-century skills? And how often have you heard President Barack Obama talk about "winning the future?"

The Writing Project is on board, focusing in recent years on digital literacy—the idea that as writing tools evolve and the expectations of how we communicate change, students need to be armed with the writing skills that employers will demand. It's a mindset that should resonate especially in Silicon Valley.

"It's really about using digital tools, like word processing programs; people using their smartphones; common white spaces, like Google Docs," Washington says. "Writing is still about thinking and composing. It's also looking at how can we integrate and include things like pictures and sound and weave it all together into what people are calling digital storytelling."


"Cassidy: Digital Literacy Mortally Wounded in Budget Battle" in the San Jose Mercury News.

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