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With Pictures, Puzzles and Games, Students Create Transmedia Stories

Publication: MindShift
Date: September 1, 2011

Summary: Students create stories simultaneously through text, images, spoken word, music, video, and animation. NWP's Digital Is website is listed as a resource for digital composing tools.


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Take Inanimate Alice , for example. Created as digital text, the transmedia story allows learners, fourth grade and up, to interact with the central character, Alice, and to help her advance her story. Text, audio, video, special effects and gaming are all used to deliver the narrative in a compelling way. Inanimate Alice one of five resources in the National Writing Project's "Digital Is" website, which is a repository of ideas about how educators use transmedia to teach writing.

With Inanimate Alice, the complexity and interactivity increases with each episode, directly correlating with Alice's personal growth as the games designer she is set to become. Through embedded puzzles and games, Inanimate Alice makes the reader a direct participant in telling the story. Kids connect intimately with the story as they walk in the shoes of the main character

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