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New Teacher-Grant Program Could Herald Federal Shift

Publication: Education Week
Date: September 29, 2011

Summary: Several high-profile teacher-training and professional-development groups that recently lost federal set-asides, including the National Writing Project, will have an opportunity to recapture some of that funding under the terms of a newly unveiled $25 million federal competition.


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Cuts to site awards and personnel have allowed the National Writing Project to continue supporting its nearly 200 sites. Its director, Sharon J. Washington, praised the competition for recognizing writing professional development.

I feel it's a sign of support and a recognition of the value of the National Writing Project and the work that's happening in schools all around the nation from amazing teachers who are really making a difference on student achievement in writing," Ms. Washington said.

Even if successful in the competition, she added, her organization still faces challenging questions: "How do we go forward as a national network if our funding structure has totally changed? What does this mean for value? What is the role of the national office if we're not able to give as large site grants?"

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