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Philadelphia Writing Project Celebrates 25 Years as a Powerful Teacher Network

Publication: The Notebook
Date: September 29, 2011

Summary: For its 25th anniversary, the Philadelphia Writing Projecting is commemorating its impact on literacy and writing as a critical tool for learning in all Philadelphia schools.


Excerpt from Article

Dina Portnoy, director of alumni programs for the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, was a PhilWP teacher consultant in 1986. A staunch believer in teacher networks, Portnoy indicates that PhilWP is the single most important thing that kept her in the classroom and improved her teaching practices. She validates the work of PhilWP by stating "the power of teacher networks remains the thing that gives me hope in this difficult time for education in general and urban education in particular."

She further notes that while other mainstream reformers seem to be committed to "quick fixes," educational slogans, teacher-bashing and narrow intellectual expectations for students in the service of higher test scores, PhilWP and the National Writing Project value teacher knowledge and teaching students in respectful ways.

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