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Young Writers Share "Life Link" Prose for Purchase Area Writing Project's Anthology

Publication: Murray Ledger & Times
Date: September 29, 2011

Summary: More than four hundred young authors responded to the invitation of the Purchase Area Writing Project (PAWP) to write about a "Life Link," the theme chosen for the third edition of PAWP's annual anthology. Many of the young writers explored the theme in simple homespun ways, though some ventured into global concerns such as the tragedy in Haiti and environmental awareness.


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Proud parents, grannys and papaws joined teachers from the region to hear the young writers. Debbie Smith, who spent hours cutting and pasting submissions to lay out the anthology, introduced each writer, starting with the youngest, Anthony Medina, who was a mere first grader when he wrote his piece, "My Someone Special."

Anthony paid tribute to his aunt, who "gives me chocolate milk/takes me to Wal-Mart/tells me ghost stories." As if those things weren't enough, Anthony says she "makes me feel good about myself," probably the greatest gift an aunt can give.

Like Anthony, little Lacy Enlow is now in second grade at Mayfield Elementary. Her writing had something important to tell about her Dad. Not only does he make her laugh, she reported, "He makes me this great vegetable soup...yum!"

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