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Philadelphia Teacher Profiled by Times for Popular Twitter Chat: #engchat

Publication: The New York Times
Date: September 30, 2011

Summary: Teachers are turning to Twitter to collaborate, share resources, and offer each other support. Many, in fact, are using it to take professional development into their own hands, 140 characters at a time. Meenoo Rami, a teacher-consultant with the Philadelphia Writing Project, leads a popular Twitter chat called #engchat and was profiled in The New York Times Learning Network.


Excerpt from Article

What are Edchat, SSchat and Engchat and how did they come about?

Meenoo Rami: I modeled Engchat after Edchat. Last year, a lot of education Twitter chats were emerging but there were none dedicated to English teachers. I was nervous about taking on the task, wondering whether it would actually work or not. But I took the plunge and started Engchat in August 2010...Our biggest turnout for Engchat was when Diane Ravitch hosted; she discussed her book, "The Death and Life of the Great American School System." She was frank, honest and really made the teachers feel like she understood how they were feeling in our current political climate. Other popular topics have included using technology in literacy; teaching Shakespeare; building a learning community in your classroom; and setting up your classroom library.

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