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Connecticut Writing Project Conference Brings Students and Teachers Together

Publication: The Daily Campus
Date: October 11, 2011

Summary: UConn's fourth Annual Conference for Secondary School Writing Centers brought together more than 150 students and teachers from middle and high school all over Connecticut. This conference allowed students and teachers to understand how to successfully implement writing centers at their schools.


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"Today, the spirit of collaboration is what we want to continue," Denise Abercrombie, program leader of writing programs for the Connecticut Writing Project, said. "No one has the right and perfect writing center. We are all trying to find what works best in our context."

To help schools find what will work best for them, part of the conference was working in break out sessions.

The first break out session allowed students and teachers of the same schools to talk amongst each other, whereas the second break out session promoted students and teachers of different schools to engage and brainstorm with each other.

"The heart of this conference is the break out sessions," Tom Deans, associate professor of English and the director of the University Writing Center, said. "One of the things we have to do with this much talent and diversity in the room is to mix you up."

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