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Students in Georgia Write for National Writing Day

Publication: The George-Anne
Date: October 25, 2011

Summary: Students got to express themselves through writing when the department of writing and linguistics and the Georgia Southern National Writing Project hosted Pizza-for-Prose on Thursday, October 20.


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To celebrate the National Day on Writing, the department brought students and faculty in front of Lakeside Cafe to share the art of writing while enjoying pizza. The pizza was a way to get students to want to come and write, but turned out not being the most important aspect of the project.

"It's important for people to express their creativity," said Lynn Hamilton, lecturer for the writing and linguistics department. "Students are not doing it for the pizza, but because they enjoy it."

Speaking of her piece, Marti McCrory, junior political science major said, "I hope someone reads it and it inspires them to write or it helps them out in some way."

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