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Flash Mob of Student Writers on National Writing Day

Publication: Tracy Press
Date: November 3, 2011

Summary: On October 20, a "flash mob" of student writers at Bethany School in Mountain House, CA, poured out their thoughts to celebrate National Writing Day.


Excerpt from Article

Students in Devon Jurcso's third-grade class have been honing their writing skills all year, penning short stories daily during class. Jurcso attended a four-week long Great Valley Writing Project course over the summer and took their ideas into her classroom, where she works to instill a passion for writing in her students.

The class gathers thoughts and ideas in small pocket notebooks, and at the end of each writing session, girls and boys take turns in an author's chair to share their creations.

"It's a place for them to practice writing—it is so important," Jurcso said. "Kids perform at all different levels in the classroom, but all of them can write. All of them can put their thoughts down on paper, and all of them can read to the class and share their feelings."

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