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Indiana Teacher-Consultant on the Merits of Kurt Vonnegut

Publication: Indianapolis Star
Date: November 15, 2011

Summary: David Lawson, a teacher-consultant at the Hoosier Writing Project, shares his thoughts about author Kurt Vonnegut and how he teaches about Vonnegut's works in the classroom.


Excerpt from Article

Students get a kick out of his irreverence. This generation is not as involved in social activism (as Vonnegut would have wanted them to be), and many see his humor as simple cynicism. But sometimes they see specific relevance to political or social issues, and sometimes they're just captivated by his use of language.

"Semi-colons are hermaphrodite transvestites" is usually one that brings howls from over-grammared students.

All in all, I think they appreciate his edgy view of the way we abuse and take for granted each other and the Earth, his distrust for anything that claims we should trust blindly, and his love for causing trouble.

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