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Eastern Michigan Writing Project Teacher and New Author

Publication: Eastern Michigan University
Date: September 24, 2012

Summary: Marquin Parks, teacher-consultant with the Eastern Michigan Writing Project and author of Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School, shares his professional development experience with the Writing Project.


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During the summer of 2011, Parks was selected to participate in the Eastern Michigan Writing Project (EMWP), an intensive four-week session designed for teachers and administrators concerned with the teaching of writing in any subject area and who are interested in professional growth opportunities. Along with 13 fellow teachers, Parks hoped of [becoming] a better teacher of writing and said it was a very prolific time for him.

"Eastern's Writing Project influenced me to go above and beyond and to believe in myself and my abilities as a writer," said Parks. "It allowed me to formulate and establish my philosophy on writing in a manner that challenged me as an author and educator. The discussions, presentations, group work, research and sharing of writing, fueled my fire to do something bigger with the gifts I possess. Once I accepted myself as a writer, things really began to take off for me."

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