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Eastern Michigan Writing Project Honored with Business Partner Award

Publication: The Eastern Echo
Date: February 20, 2013

Summary: Eastern Michigan University's Eastern Michigan Writing Project was honored with the Business Partner Award by Allen Park High School for providing professional development in literacy education.



By providing many resources such as family literacy programs and the Summer Invitational Institute, the Writing Project works to improve the teaching of writing in all school subjects.

EMU English professors and lecturers Doug Baker, John Staunton, Cathy Fleischer, Kim Pavlock and William Tucker, the director of the Writing Project, have all taken part in this teaching opportunity.

"The professional development we bring to a school district depends primarily on the initiative of the local teachers, who advocate for our programs," Tucker said in a press release. "In our case, two outstanding teacher leaders from Allen Park High School, Judy Wycoff and Amy West, promoted our work to their principal and fellow teachers."

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