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Reflections from Digital Learning Day

Date: February 28, 2013

Summary: Joe Dillon, a teacher-consultant with the Denver Writing Project, shares his observations and his colleagues' discoveries as they engage with new tools and practices. He shared this work on Digital Learning Day (February 6, 2013), via NWP's Digital Is website, in order to better understand the changes he sees within schools and environments of connected learning.


Excerpt from "Teacher Discoveries and Connected Learning"

As an instructional coach within a large urban school district, and a teacher consultant at the Denver Writing Project, I have been struck in the last five years by the increase in the questions teachers ask about technology. It becomes harder and harder for me to separate the questions about literacy and learning from questions about technology with the way authorship and texts are evolving online. When teachers shift their instruction to work more effectively with the students in front of them and the tools newly at our disposal, the integration efforts hold potential for positive school change."

Original Article on Digital Is

Read "Teacher Discoveries and Connected Learning" and explore the Digital Is website .

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