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Journey to Digital Learning Day

Date: March 12, 2013

Summary: Janet Ilko, from the San Diego Area Writing Project, was invited to present a lesson at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. for the 2013 Digital Learning Day. She used our Digital Is website as a way to prepare, reflect, and involve her students along the way.


Excerpt from "Journey to Digital Learning Day"

I woke up the morning of Digital Learning Day nervous, not just because of my own presentation, but the reality that I was the senior teacher presenting in the room. Most of my colleagues were much younger than I. They referenced their experience in the classroom with an Apple 2E playing the Oregon Trail. I vividly remember teaching in that classroom with that one stand alone computer in the back of my room, with 4 inch floppy disks and a printer with the dreaded spool feed that tangled and tore more often than it printed text and a few dull black and white pin printed pictures. My first question was, and will always be, how will this device expand the minds of my students? How will they learn with these new tools, and how will I need to incorporate this into my teaching? What will I need to learn and how will I grow? We have come a long way that computer and I, we have both evolved. I went with the intention of sharing the work of my students and my vision that as teachers we must take the lead in this digital learning arena. We are teaching our students to be positive digital citizens, and to create media, not be defined by it. Giving student voice and choice in a blog sets up a space for students to try out their ideas, to communicate with each other, and to live in a digital world bigger than our classroom. It is messy, but worth the effort in my opinion."

Original Article on Digital Is

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