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Writing Project Site Bolstered by Results of College-Ready Writers Program Study

Publication: University at Albany: News Center
Date: May 23, 2016

Summary: Capitol District Writing Project, one of 12 sites participating in NWP's College-Ready Writers Program for the past three years, is excited—but not surprised—by the results of a recent study confirming the program's effectiveness.


Excerpt from Article

Writing is intimately connected to thinking and learning,' said Robert Bangert-Drowns, dean of UAlban''s School of Education. 'Helping teachers to help their students—particularly students who come from economically challenged environments—become better writers is a powerful way to develop capacity for reasoning and understanding.'

Now, a new NWP study confirms the effectiveness of their efforts.

Following an extensive evaluation of the CRWP project, the study results specifically showed the program had a positive, and statistically significant effect on the four attributes of student argument writing - content, structure, stance, and conventions. In particular, CRWP students demonstrated greater proficiency in the quality of reasoning and use of evidence in their writing. It was measured against the National Writing Project's Analytic Writing Continuum for Source-Based Argument."

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Read "School of Education Succeeds in Helping High-Poverty, Rural School Districts" at University at Albany: News Center .

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