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Northwestern State University Writing Project Shares News of Positive Impact With College-Ready Writers Program Study Participants

Publication: Nachitoches Parish Journal
Date: May 23, 2016

Summary: The Northwestern State University Writing Project, one of the twelve sites who participated in the independent assessment of the National Writing Project's College-Ready Writers Program, shared the news of the study's results with its partner schools.


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'Teacher-led professional development is effective and improved teacher instruction,' Davis said. The results are that teachers grow in skills and teaching abilities and students write more and with better success.

'It's the best thing we ever did,' said Melanie Lavespere, an administrator in Grant Parish. 'Our teachers are learning better ways to teach writing, not just assigning writing projects.'

The National Writing Project study was the largest and most rigorous of its kind and included college-ready writers programs in 10 states with 400 teachers and 25,000 students. Davis said the results were quantitatively significant. SRI International, a non-profit research institute, collected and reported the findings."

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