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South Coast Writing Project Offers English Language Learners Support With Summer Writing Camps

Publication: Ventura Edhat
Date: June 7, 2016

Summary: The South Coast Writing Project has partnered with the Oxnard School District to provide 250 students with a no-cost Young Writers Camp this summer. The camps will serve students entering grades 3-8, and will focus on meeting the needs of English Language Learners.


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Special emphasis will be placed on English Language Development, with an eye on providing the extra support needed to help ELs increase writing skills. Writing skills are known to be the biggest hurdle for students to move into being fully fluent in English, and down the road affect both high school graduation rates and college acceptance rates. This summer's Young Writers Academy will also emphasize English Language Development, including a pre and post assessment to measure the improvement in students' proficiency and attitude toward writing.

Assistant Superintendent Robin Freeman stated, 'Oxnard School District is excited about the opportunity for our English Learners to expand their writing skills. These skills are critical to mastering English and the Common Core Standards."

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