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Morehead Writing Project 'Unleashes' Teen Writers at Teen Writers' Day Out

Publication: The Morehead News
Date: October 24, 2016

Summary: Students wrote, collaborated, and shared their work with an enthusiastic crowd at the Teen Writers' Day Out, hosted by the Morehead Writing Project.


Excerpt from Article:

The only thing that was more impressive than the line was the enthusiastic audience of peers," says Jim Grayson, who teaches at Montgomery County High School.

"Dozens of students shared their writing at each open mic opportunity.

"One student said, 'My poetry has never been the best, but never have I been more accepted than when sharing at Teen Writer's Day Out today. It is such a loving atmosphere.

"Another said, 'After going to Teen Writer's Day Out, I will definitely be writing more often. I have always loved to write, but I've never had the guts to admit it."

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