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Audrey Fielding: Why I Write

Date: January 31, 2017

Summary: Audrey Fielding's writing begins with letters and journals, which call for rewriting into essays and stories.


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My first published writings were the meeting minutes for my Brownie/Girl Scout Troop in a small town in Connecticut. I felt pretty special walking into the local press office every week to deliver the minutes that would be published in the newspaper the next day. I went on to be secretary of numerous organizations over the years because of the opportunity it afforded to write.

I am a letter writer and a journal keeper, writing that allows words and ideas to flow freely.The writing is personal, reflective and often mundane. It helps me rein in my scattered mind, explore my feelings and analyze my thoughts.

Years ago, upon retirement, I made four wishes: to read, to write, to travel and to study a language. My Italian is coming along and my collaborative book on Italy, Salento by 5, Friendship, Food, Music and Travel Within the Heel of Italy's Boot, has just been published.

Travel has given me time for reading and journal writing on my laptop—all those hours in airport terminals and on planes add up. Later, these journal entries beg to be written and rewritten into stories or essays. Guilt (I must admit) plays a large part in forcing me to my desk. The real writing begins as I labor over words, sentences, thoughts, organization, and form. It is never an easy or neat, orderly process and perhaps that is what makes it so satisfying in the end when something begins to take shape and have a life of its own.

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