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"I'm Fighting My Fight, and I'm Not Alone Anymore": The Influence of Communities of Inquiry

Publication: English Education
Date: October 2015

Summary: In this case study, Rob Simon examines how participation in critical inquiry-based teacher education and collaborative teacher research communities can support teachers in underfunded, urban schools to develop camaraderie with their peers and better relationships with their students. Simon also explores how inquiry can be a catalyst for activism around educational policy.


Laura's inquiries demonstrate a sustained commitment to working for change within and beyond her local context—from reimagining teacher evaluation practices by inviting students to participate in the process to her involvement in broader networks as a means of countering mechanisms that produce isolation and delimit institutional transformation. Laura's attempts to change school culture were not always successful, but she responded to failure with renewed commitment to challenge the status quo within and beyond her school walls."

About the Author

ROB SIMON is an associate professor of multiliteracies in education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.

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