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4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing

Date: September 14, 2017

Summary: Get ready for this year's 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing, an online "teachers teaching teachers about technology" event that focuses on the research, pedagogy, and tools of writing in digital spaces in the K-12 classroom, hosted by the University of Michigan Schools of Education and Information and Oakland Schools, and engaging many Writing Project sites and teachers.


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Andrea Zellner, Red Cedar Writing Project teacher-consultant and Literacy Consultant in the Oakland Public Schools:

It's exciting to see the conference bring folks together around the idea of digital writing, and really I think what's most important is that we have folks who are doing this kind of work in their classrooms with students, rather than someone on high or removed from the classroom saying, 'you should do this'—it's really about teachers teaching teachers, and that core belief that in order to teach writing we have to be writers ourselves, and by extension if we want to be helping people become digital writers we also have to be digital writers ourselves, and so this really provides a space for that opportunity."

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