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Lego Scenes Inspire Writing at Appalachian Writing Project's Summer Writing Camp

Publication: The Post
Date: June 15, 2017

Summary: Students at Appalachian Writing Project's summer writing camps take a hands on approach to storytelling, crafting narratives through writing and Lego constructions.


Excerpt from Article:

Working in groups of four, the second- through fourth-graders wrote fictional stories of fantasy, adventure and science fiction, McCarty explained, then built Lego scenes to illustrate them. Students independently chose prompts to guide their writing and were involved in many choices as they worked toward putting the book together. Although faced with a lot of decisions about the direction the story might take, students learned a lot about collaboration and shared decision making, McCarty said.

The Lego scenes were photographed and published with the stories using StoryJumper software. Each student will receive a copy of the published anthology at a book-signing event in the near future."

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