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LRNG Innovators Challenge Grant Powers Community-Building Writing in the Heart of Texas

Publication: Statesman
Date: May 9, 2017

Summary: The Heart of Texas Writing Project was the recipient of a $20,000 LRNG Innovators Challenge Grant for "Choice and Voice: Agency and Audience in a Resilient Rural Texas Community," a project aimed at nurturing and publicly displaying student writing to highlight the role of students and schools in the community.


Excerpt from Article:

This year's grant program challenges educators to create ways to help students explore their interests and ignite a passion that could lead to college, a career or a positive impact on their community. The Choice and Voice project will present students with an opportunity to collaborate with the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce and the Bastrop Public Library to use multimedia presentation tools to publish their writings for local and global audiences.

At the core of the project is demonstrating through students' writings, and their displaying in public spaces throughout the city, that Bastrop public schools are at the heart of their community and that Bastrop community stories, passions and convictions are at the heart of their public schools, according to the grant's text."

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