Teacher Consultant

Clifford Lee

Life Academy High School
Oakland, California

Bay Area Writing Project


  1. Scaffold the writing process in clearly defined, separate pieces, with the ultimate goal of creating the voiceover narrative.
  2. Include an authentic demonstration of their work in some type of exhibition, so that students are motivated to complete the project for mastery, rather than completion – AND it gives the students a sense of purpose for their writing.
  3. Scaffold EVERY aspect of the digital story project:
       • Show models of strong storytelling techniques and analyze those together.
       • Do a workshop with the incorporation of the "right" type of music that serves to complement your story.
       • Play student-made and adult-made digital stories as models to critically analyze and evaluate prior to their assembly.
       • Have students go through peer-edits in the writing AND reading of their voiceover narrative.
  4. Include an additional column in the storyboard for the purpose of the scene to push students to be more meta-cognitive about their inclusion of visual and audio clips.
  5. Teach students the importance of word choice, through workshops and models, to emphasize how to make an important point with fewer words.