Teacher Consultant

Kevin Hodgson

Southampton, Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Classroom Context

The timeframe outlined below provides a general overview of the scope of the Claymation MovieMaking Project:

Prior to Week One

  • Teachers make a sample version of movie to demonstrate in class
  • Teachers meet to go over goals/rationale and resources

Week One

  • Bring all students together and describe project
  • Show demonstration film
  • Break into prearranged groups
  • Hand out – characters/setting/problem/resolution sheets
  • Hand out – storyboard sheet
  • Work time on developing basic story idea (emphasis on characters)

Week Two

  • Continue work on story idea
  • Begin work on clay figures (in art class)
  • Start storyboarding project (image – picture – narration)
  • Divide up reading parts – practice for timing and phrasing

Week Three

  • Finish storyboard and narrative script
  • Practice reading script
  • Begin digital photographing of scenes
  • Record narration

Week Four

  • Edit movie with Windows MovieMaker
  • Show to class and get reaction
  • Make final changes to movie
  • Burn to DVD and share with students

Week Five

  • Host family movie night to show films