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The National Writing Project offers a variety of online courses and bundles created by teachers for other teachers. There are both synchronous and asynchronous options at competitive price points. Every course leader is an experienced instructor, supported by a national network of writing education experts.

Below are just a few of our featured courses. If you have questions about any of the courses, including options for paying for groups of teachers or setting up PD credits through your district, email onlinecourses@nwp.org.

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AP Lang FRQ Bootcamp

AP Language FRQ Bootcamp

Begins July 18, 2023
10 Learning Hours

Join Kristian Kuhn in this summer bootcamp to learn strategies for supporting students in responding to the Free-Response Questions (FRQs) on the AP Language and Composition exam.
Cost: $350


NWP’s Approach to Teaching Argument Writing

NWP’s Approach to Teaching Argument Writing

Available Any Time, Self-Paced
3 Learning Hours

Designed to introduce school and district leaders to NWP's approach to teaching argument writing, participants will explore a sampling of professional publications, instructional resources, and plan for how they might implement this research-based approach in their context.
Cost: FREE


Planning for a Year of Argument

Planning a Year of Argument

Begins June 7, 2023
12 Learning Hours

Join us for an engaging course that is designed to support you in planning a year of argument writing. You will have the opportunity, in consultation with an NWP Thinking Partner, to design your own path using rich materials and resources that best fit the skill level of those you serve.
Cost: $225


“I found all of the materials to be relevant to my teaching. The tutorials were especially useful! Most of all, though, was walking through the activities and completing them as a student!”


Routine Argument Writing Participant

English & Psychology Teacher