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Writing Assessment Services

NWP provides assessment and scoring services to districts and research partners for program assessment, research and evaluation, and professional development.

A Comprehensive System

NWP's Analytic Writing Continuums Provide Both Rigor and Flexibility

NWP's Analytic Writing Continuums provide comprehensive scoring systems that examine all facets of student writing. NWP’s AWC provide validated measures of writing performance that function across a range of genres with additional rubrics that include genre-specific features focusing on argument writing, literary analysis, and civic engagement.

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Consistent Experience

NWP Conducts High-Quality Scoring of Student Writing

NWP has scored nearly 100,000 pieces of student writing for a variety of federally and privately funded evaluations and research studies. With consistently excellent interrater reliability, results from NWP scoring services feature in many large-scale studies, including the recent evaluation of the College, Career, and Community Writers Program.

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Exceptional Results

NWP-trained Scorers Blend High Reliability with Extensive Classroom Experience

Scoring is conducted by a nationwide network of hundreds of diverse and experienced Writing Project educators. Scorers and scoring leaders train intensively to meet NWP standards. Many NWP scorers report that the scoring experience is a highly rewarding form of professional development that directly impacts writing instruction.

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NWP conducts all elements of writing assessment work as needed, including scoring at any scale, rubric development and testing, prompt development and piloting, anchor paper selection and commentary, and online collection and coding of student writings.

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