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We are teachers, university faculty, researchers, writers and journalists, librarians, and community educators working to advance writing.
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A Diverse Network

We seek to grow and sustain nationally networked local communities of expertise in the teaching of writing.

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Spanning the Nation

175 Writing Project sites housed on college campuses prepare 2,500 new teacher-leaders each year. These new leaders join a dynamic network put to work to support 95,000 colleagues in classrooms, libraries, museums, national parks—virtually any space where young people learn, read, and write—ultimately strengthening the writing and thinking of 6 million students, pre-K through college, each year.

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With Deep Expertise

NWP’s teacher-powered leadership network spans the country and includes educators with expertise in fields as diverse as media-making, writing in STEM and technical fields, and writing the arts and humanities, as well as youth leadership and civic engagement. This powerful network is supported by a dynamic board of civic, business, and education leaders along with a capable staff.

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Our History

“The Bay Area Writing Project model created an environment where both academics and classroom teachers could appreciate each other. For teachers, BAWP was a university-based program that recognized—even celebrated—teacher expertise.”

James Gray
Founding Director
Bay Area Writing Project

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