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Writing transforms us, unites us with other cultures, demystifies the differences between us, and connects us to the world’s collective knowledge in new and exciting ways. You can help spread the power of writing.
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Your contribution helps support ongoing innovation and direct services for youth by passionate educators across the country.

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Partner for Impact

Partner with NWP to design programs and services that bring innovative learning opportunities to teachers and youth around the topics and in the places you care about. Partners range from John Legend and his Show Me Campaign to public media stations, publishers, and education non-profits.

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Support/Start a Site

Support or Start a Local Site

For a truly long-term investment in the teachers and schools in a specific region, donors can contribute directly to a local Writing Project site or start a new site in an underserved region.

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NWP Writers Council

Advocate for the Importance of Writing

The NWP Writers Council comprises writers from all genres who support our mission and vision, and want to bring greater attention to the importance of writing and to our work. Writers Council members share NWP’s belief that writing is vital to thinking, creating, communicating, and participating in the world.

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