We put teachers’ knowledge to work to improve the teaching of writing

What We Do

Every year Writing Project teachers lead programs where teachers across the nation learn how to help youth research and form arguments, expand their learning beyond the classroom walls, and publish their writing about topics that matter to them.
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How We Do It

Developing Leadership

Our core work identifies and supports great teacher-leaders. Leadership institutes mix it up, bringing together experienced teachers of different grade levels and disciplines inviting them to surface their successful practice, activate an inquiry stance toward educational challenges, and innovate and test new approaches and ideas.

Network of Sites

Spreading Expertise

This ever-expanding cadre of local teachers is then able to disseminate promising practices and support their peers in pursuing educational excellence via our vast network of sites co-directed by faculty from the local university and K–12 schools.


Teacher-Leaders Prepared at Local Writing Project Sites Since 1974
New Teacher-Leaders Join Every Year
Programs & Services

Professional Development Opportunities

Through its local sites, the National Writing Project provides customized evidence-based professional development programming for teachers, schools, and districts, as well as direct services for youth and communities.

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Online Communities

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Tapping into the power of networked technologies to support writing and the teaching of writing, NWP hosts online communities of practice for youth and adults.

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NWP at Work

“As a high school writing teacher, I have found my experiences with NWP invaluable to my classroom experience. This close work with dedicated colleagues from around the country has deepened my understanding of authentic teaching and assessment of student writing.”

Kevin Lentz


Eastern Kentucky University Writing Project